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BinkyI don’t normally get involved in political matters but I must voice my opinion on a topic I have been thinking about. Everyone would agree that America is the greatest country to live in. We have the freedom to create a life we want, not held back by dictators or a tyranical government. Sometimes those freedoms we have can come at a cost.
The people that work in rescue groups do great work. No one can deny they are dedicated animal lovers and devote much of their free time to the service of helping animals in need. I just wish there was more work being done on preventing the problem to begin with. Here in this area of WA. state, even an indoor cat has to be registered with a rabies vaccine. It is the law. Even if the cat never goes outdoors, never comes in contact with any sort of wildlife or feral cats. If there is a law for that, why is there not a law that all our pets must be spayed or neutered? Why not just prevent the problem to begin with? Feral animals do spread disease, cause car accidents, bite other animals and people and become a general nuisance to society in general. Why in the year 2013, in the most civilized nation in the world are we having a third world problem? It does not make sense to me. If we can mandate a law for vaccines, why can’t we do it for a spay neuter law? Or at the very least if you are a breeder, you must apply for a license and there should be some kind of regulation. I understand professional breeders trying to perpetuate the breed, but that needs to be limited. The average everyday pet owner? There is no excuse. I had a client a few years back who wanted to breed their cat so that the daughter could see the birthing process. Why not rent a video? One cat can produce from one litter over 300 cats in a year, all to end up with an ill fate. Playing God with the soul of an animal is a very serious matter. During my show years I met a lot of caring cat breeders. I also met several uncaring breeders, whose cats were a commodity for their ego.
We live in a very different world now. This has got to stop. Legislation needs to be brought forward to change the way we deal with this. When will more empahasis be put on prevention before it becomes a problem? Just my opinion……..

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