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Making an Appointment

Hours by appointment only, typically with available between 8am to 1pm, Wednesday through Sunday.  Depending upon the service you would like most cats take between 2 and 3 hours.  Because caring for your cat is our priority, if you call during business hours we may be working on a cat and can not answer the phone, so please leave a message and so that we can return your call. Thank you for understanding.

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Come into the spa…….

Your cat(s) will love a purely botanical experience with one of our grooming packages. Using only the finest ingredients that nature can provide, we strive to make your cat’s visit with us a calm and luxurious experience. Aromatherapy, flower essences, soft music and gentle handling create an environment your cat will truly enjoy.

Wellness & Rejuvenation

A full spa treatment including pedicure, cleaning of ears, brushing teeth, and oral hygiene treatment, weight check, followed by a custom bath designed with products for your cat’s particular skin and coat, along with a gentle spinal and cranial sacrum massage, anal gland expression, blow-drying and comb-out removing all the dead undercoat followed by a botanical conditioner. All packages may include an organic salt scrub if needed at no extra charge.

Shorthaired Cats $70
Med. Hair Cats $75
Longhaired Cats $80

Additional charge for cats over 13 pounds. $10
Additional charge for cats over 20 pounds $20

Lulu at City Kitty Spa

Sweet Plumeria

This package includes everything listed in the Wellness & Rejuvination package above plus a Brazilian shave for sanitary purposes. Recommended for all longhaired or overweight cats.
Add $15 to the rates in the Wellness & Rejuvenation package.

Essential Beauty

Everything included in the Wellness & Rejuvenation package including a Tummy and Sanitary shave. This is recommended for cats who get mats on the friction zones or cats with very curly hair that mats easily.
Add $30 to the Wellness & Rejuvenation package.

Lotus Lion – $95

Lion Cut City Kitty
A Lion cut along with the Wellness & Rejuvenation package. Typically we shave the body, leaving the mane, lower legs and tail, but this can be varied according to your particular desire. This cut is very popular in the warm months. A liquid silk treatment is included after the bath. A cat that is matted may be charged an extra fee according to the time involved.
13# and over Add $10
20# and over Add $20

Le Grande Classique – $110

Teddy Bear
One of our most popular packages. A Sweet Plumeria package along with a Comb Cut of varying lengths, the most popular being 1/2” or 3/8”. We recommend ½” for the cooler months and 3/8” for the warmer months. A cat only needs1/2” of hair to maintain body temperature. This cut is sometimes referred to as a Teddy Bear cut, as they are very plush. This is very good for cats who shed, senior cats and cats that get matted easily. This cut is easy maintenance. It is also good for those allergic to cat hair as there is very little shedding. You may also substitute the Sweet Plumeria for the Essential Beauty at no extra charge.  This cut may not be an option if your cat has mats as it requires the coat to be in good condition.
13# and over Add $10
20# and over Add $20

Additional Spa Services

Royal Toes

This is a toe tuft trim to shave the hair under each paw and around the toes. We recommend this for cats who might be slipping or tracking litter.
Add $15 to any package above

Other Services & Fees

Mat Removal $10 and up depending on the severity and time involved)
Extra Hand Stripping $10 and up depending on condition of cat and time involved.

We do require that all cats are free of any fleas, ticks, parasites or any contagious diseases.  In the event that we do find fleas on your cat we will administer a Capstar and perform a flea bath ($35), however you will still need to treat your cat.  If the fleas are too severe you may be told to pickup your cat for treatment before we can perform a groom.

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer any ala carte services such as nail trims only, however it is included in all of our spa packages.


Paradise Paws (Available only as an Add-on Service)

Soft Paws

Softpaws™ nail caps in every color under the rainbow, including Glow in the dark and glitter. These are rubber nail caps glued directly on to your cats nails to prevent scratching furniture, carpets and you! Mix and match for holidays, sports teams and more. They usually last 6 weeks and then need to be replaced as your cat’s nails grow out.

Front paws Add $25 to any package above
Front & Rear Add $30 to any package above

Organic Beauty

Organic Bath City Kitty
A pure Jojoba Hot Oil treatment or protein pack after your cat’s bath wrapped in warm towels to hydrate and nourish the skin. We recommend this for cats with very dry, or itchy skin. Your cat’s skin will be more hydrated, soft and luxurious.

Add $15 to any package above.

Le Coleur

A special non-toxic vegetable color for your cat. Accents, designs or all over color. Color will wash out. Price varies on design and time involved. Please inquire.

The Cat With Mats

De-Matting a cat by hand is inhumane, painful and unnecessary. A cat produces a new undercoat every 6 weeks, so we recommend regular grooming every 6 weeks. This will prevent your cat from getting matted and avoid the pain and discomfort of mats. The coat can only be in good condition if the skin is clean and the undercoat is regularly removed. Removing mats from a cat with clippers is painless. If a cat is matted or has not been in and requires extra time hand stripping to remove months of dead hair there will be an extra charge depending on the condition of the cat. A groomed cat is a happy cat!  Depending upon the severity of the mats on your cat, sometimes a Lion Cut may be your only option.

Spicy Tuna Cats

We sometimes get in cats that are a bit challenging. If a cat is too stressed we will stop the grooming process immediately and you will be called. We will advise you at that time of alternative options for a future appointment. This is infrequent but it can happen. Our goal is to do what is best for your cat, not simply to get the job done. Caring for the whole cat, mind, body and spirit is our mission statement.

A full service grooming salon exclusively for cats.

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At City Kitty®, we care about the whole cat — mind, body and spirit. We believe in a holistic approach for the care of your cat and see beyond the needs of their hair.

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