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Cats are first and foremost obligate carnivors, the consumate meat eater in the animal world. All you have to do is look in their mouth and you can see those are tearing and shredding teeth, not kibble chewing teeth. Carnivors do not possess the enzyme in their body to break down and utilize grains, so feeding them a more species appropriate diet will produce a cat with better health and longevity. Dry food causes a lot of problems in cats including obesity, dandruff, kidney disease, UTI, IBS and more. Because your cat’s body was designed to get their mositure from what they eat, they naturally are not drawn to drinking enough water to replace the dehydration that dry food causes. People think it’s a good sign to see them drink a lot of water. It is the opposite. I have a cat who has been on the raw food diet for over 10 years. He is 16 years old. I can honestly say I have never seen him drink water. Since kidney disease is the leading cause of death in felines it makes sense to not wear out their plumbing system by dehydrating them. There is no difference between “Muffin” and the big cats of Africa except size. Anatomically they are exactly the same. And you don’t see Lions eating kibble. Remember, it is not what is easy or convienant, but what is best for the cat. There are several raw cat food companies out there. I like Rad Cat, but there is Darwins home delivery as well as a couple more.


  1. Adriana on October 18, 2011 at 5:27 am said:

    Yes cats are carnivors by nature. They must eat raw food and make sure that the whole animal is included: like that organs , skin, bones and flesh all come from the same animal so it’s best not to mix chicken heart with rabbit meat etc…. Making your own raw cat food is great but it can be a time consuming thing. I feed raw to my two cats for about 4 years now I get my raw food from (I’m a working mom with two kids and two jobs!!! So I do not have time to make my own.). Also if you would like you can read more on raw from a vet’s perspective here

  2. Thanks for your comments and information for my readers. It’s always good to get ideas from other raw food advocates. Kudos to you for the effort put forth with your cats, especially considering your busy lifestyle. If you can do it, I think anybody can!

  3. Have you read any good books lately? generic lexapro issues 14. Uses understanding or empathetic responses.

    • Hi Brandon,
      Thanks for visiting our website and the blog. My favorite book on this subject is a book by Kymythy Schultz called, “Natural Nutrition for Cats”. I think she is the foremost authority on cat diets today. It is a fun read as well as 4 different recipes for cat diets you can make at home. Enjoy!

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