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One of the most important reasons we recommend a grain free can food versus dry food, is kidney function. Since cats are not water drinkers by nature, they should be getting their moisture from their food. A cat will never drink enough water to make up for the dehydration that dry food causes. It is not in their nature. Most people think if they see their cats drinking a lot of water, that is a good thing, but nothing could be further from the truth. Imagine taking paper towels and stuffing them down your sink. That is what dry food is doing to your cat. It clogs up their short digestive tract. It causes hair and food to get stuck and then they start throwing up hair balls. Kidney failure is the number one cause of death in the cat world. We are wearing out their plumbing system with dry food. Dehydrate, drink water, dehydrate, drink water. Obligate carnivores also do not have the enzyme in their digestive tract to digest and absorb grains. So a grain free can food or a raw food diet is the way to go.

Now, let’s talk about weight! Oh No! Do we have to? Most of the cats that come in to City Kitty that are overweight are on dry food. It’s all carbs. I know for myself eating carbs does make me gain weight, and I don’t even have to eat that much. What is the most common statement we hear? “Well, I only give him ¼ cup a day.” Now the cat is not getting the nutrition he needs. It takes 3 teaspoons of dry food to equal the nutrition in one teaspoon of wet food, so most cats eating dry food are overeating to get the nutrition they know their body needs. They are much more hydrated and satisfied eating wet food.

If you need answers on how to transition your cat_____”My cat will only eat dry food”, please ask us. There is not a cat on the face of the earth I could not transition to a can or raw food diet. I always said if I retire from grooming at some point I am going to have kitty boot camp at my house. I already have the Purrfect fence system installed for exercise. They could stay for a 6 week “Kitty Biggest Loser” vacation, and they would not starve. Bring me your 20# cat with arthritis and I would return a svelte 13 pound cat back to you with no aches or pains! It’s sort of funny.

Seriously though, diet is the best medicine for people as well as cats. The old saying “You are what you eat” is true. We have several handouts in the salon for transitioning your cat to a healthier king of the jungle. We have seen remarkable results with many clients over the years. We also carry the best cat nutrition book out there by Kymythy Schultz. It is an easy and fun read with recipes and antidotes. Stop by and get your cat going on a healthier plan for the new year!

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