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Have you ever noticed your cat staring at you like they were thinking about something or trying to tell you something? You are not far from the truth. The fact that you even noticed it tells you it’s true. As human beings we are interesting creatures. We make assesments of ourselves and grade ourselves on intelligence and consider ourselves pretty smart people. But when it comes to our pets we sometimes are not as smart as we think we are. Let me give you an example. Your cat pees on your favorite (well it does not even have to be favorite at this point) rug. We get all bent out of shape scolding them; “Bad Kitty, how could you do this to me? I am so frustrated with you.” You then spray them with water, “Punishing” them, and they don’t understand why you are being so mean to them, when this is a natural trait of any cat. We get so caught up in the physical aspects of this (and I admit) very frustrating situation, that we don’t think to ask why they might have done this. Could it be a physical or emotional problem? I can tell you this. I have been around animals all my life. They don’t do anything without a reason. Once you have ruled out any medical problem with your veterinarian ask yourself; Is there something going on in your house that is threatening your cat’s territory? Nothing is more dominant in a cat’s life than territory. The fact that  there are stray cats in your yard staring at your cat through the sliding glass door, or even marking their territory outside is the absolute worst thing that could happen to your indoor cat. So they go pee on your bed or in your shoe. They are trying to tell you something…”Hey, help me, I am being threatened”, as you drive off to the dry cleaners with your beautiful comforter. Eliminate the source. Let me repeat, ELIMINATE THE SOURCE! There are many products to deter outdoor cats from coming around and “taking over” your cat’s space.

Maybe there is a new cat in the house, or a new dog, or a new baby, or just a new visitor. All of these situations can cause incredible stress to a cat. So what do you do? “Sorry Marge, you can’t come to my house, my cat does not like you!” Of course not. (Unless you don’t like Marge to begin with, and that sounds like a good reason to me.) There are calming diffusors, flower essences, Epic Pet products and more to calm your pet down. And when you bring a new pet in the house, do not let them take over the house. Restrict their territory so the original pet is not threatened. No yelling, spraying water or a sad face will make your cat understand. They just think you are a mean person and now, guess what? They are even more stressed out. Just ask Marge. sassy client comment

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I wanted to thank you for making our Nora look and feel so good. As I am typing this she is sitting on a shelf she hasn't been able to jump to in a long time. She is grooming herself again and getting around so much better. Thanks again, Anna Drake

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We endorse MEOW and we also highly endorse City Kitty. Looking fabulous is our job, and we trust no one else with our beautiful tresses but Adrienne and Uncle Earl at City Kitty. We also want to be on the Facebook page of City Kitty before Red Butler kicks our butts off the bus! Love and purrs, Kalohe, Lola, and Tessa Rosa

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When little Mac and I found Adrienne at City Kitty it changed our lives! With Adrienne’s help and advice, Mac is now healthy and happy – and much better looking, too! Jim

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