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The Upward Journey

It’s always hard to be a pioneer. On the one hand you have the ability to establish a field that was not very well known and hardly established. On the other hand, you do a lot of explaining to those not familiar with this field of work. What I am talking about is cat grooming.

City Kitty is Sweet 16!

The First Salon in the United States Exclusively for Cats celebrates a Milestone! Save AUGUST 20, 2016: City Kitty, THE full service Salon for Cats only is celebrating 16 years of helping our feline friends feel and look their best. We opened in 2000 with a few dedicated cat lovers as our first loyal clients.

Cat Hair

Some of you have seen me collecting cat hair at the salon, but where does it go and why am I doing this? Many individuals have allergies to cats and dogs but still choose to own them, or may come in contact with them on a regular basis. Immunotherapy treatment helps those individuals by reducing,

Grooming a cat

How do you groom a cat?

I often get asked when a new client calls to inquire about grooming their cat, “Well, how do you do it?” I am usually at a loss for words. I really don’t know how to answer that question. Groomers are professionals at handling and working with animals. It’s just what we do. I am always

spirits in transition

Spirits in Transition

Continuing education is very important in our careers as groomers. All aspects of cat care will benefit you, our clients. It is also inspiring as it keeps us motivated to learn more. Pam, Lisa and I will be attending the Spirits In Transition course Nov. 15-17, a 3 day seminar on end of life/hospice care

City Kitty Human Cat Connection

The Human/Cat Connection

No other animal rivets the human imagination as vividly as cats. The fascination with cats mixes primitive fear and profound respect. The cult of the cat spans history and geography. Roman soilder Marc Anthony drove a chariot pulled by lions. The Hindu god Siva, the destroyer, rides a tiger. The tomb of Egyptian king Tutankhamun

Adrienne with cats

A New Adventure

So many people have asked me over the years to teach them cat grooming after one of my seminars or start a cat grooming school. I have always thought I was not going to do it, but the requests have been more and more frequent so I have decided to start a cat grooming academy.

City Kitty at TICA show

TICA National Cat Show

The cat show we attended over the Labor Day weekend was really fun and we had many visitors to our booth, especially with Manny, my adopted cat as mascot. By the way, he had a Lioncut and was colored blue for the event. A TV crew from Catsmania TV show was there and took some

City Kitty Academy of Grooming

City Kitty Academy of Grooming

Ok, calling all future cat groomers. I am shooting for the end of October for our first class. It will be a 2 week intensive course and an optional 40 hour internship working in the salon with Adrienne. The cost is $3000 and space is limited as I want to keep the class small. You

Happy Birthday City Kitty

Happy Birthday City Kitty!!!

August is the 13th year City Kitty has been in business. It’s hard to believe. We opened in August of 2000, with the crazy idea that people want their cats groomed? I had so many people think I was eccentric, a little off, or both. Now we need a bigger space, more cat groomers and

A full service grooming salon exclusively for cats.

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I wanted to thank you for making our Nora look and feel so good. As I am typing this she is sitting on a shelf she hasn't been able to jump to in a long time. She is grooming herself again and getting around so much better. Thanks again, Anna Drake

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We endorse MEOW and we also highly endorse City Kitty. Looking fabulous is our job, and we trust no one else with our beautiful tresses but Adrienne and Uncle Earl at City Kitty. We also want to be on the Facebook page of City Kitty before Red Butler kicks our butts off the bus! Love and purrs, Kalohe, Lola, and Tessa Rosa

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When little Mac and I found Adrienne at City Kitty it changed our lives! With Adrienne’s help and advice, Mac is now healthy and happy – and much better looking, too! Jim

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At City Kitty®, we care about the whole cat — mind, body and spirit. We believe in a holistic approach for the care of your cat and see beyond the needs of their hair.

Adrienne Kawamura, Founder of City Kitty® and Owner of City Kitty® Franchises, is one of the first National Certified Feline Master Groomers, NCGIA. She holds a Master Cat Groomer Certification and is a Master Cat Groomer Certifier with Professional Cat Groomers Association of America.

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