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Why Should My Cat Get Groomed?

It is common for cats to get mats. All cats have oily skin, and when that oil builds up, it gets into the fur and it gets matted. This is especially true on older cats. A regular bath and groom will prevent this from happening. Regular grooming helps shedding, dander, matting and decreases hairball problems. Your cat will stay in beautiful condition and be worry free. Even though cats seem independent and are not demanding like dogs, we sometimes forget that they have needs. We take that “I don’t need you” attitude for granted.

Regular grooming is an integral part of your cat’s overall health and well-being. Can you imagine not washing your hair for several months or years? It would get pretty bad. It is so much nicer to be around a fluffy, clean smelling kitty. It is also much less traumatic and less painful (not to mention less expensive) to have kitty on a regular grooming schedule. They deserve it. Groomers are also in the rare position to examine every inch of kitty. We can sometimes find health problems early that may have gone otherwise undetected and caused more serious conseqences down the road. At City Kitty we also include regular dental work in your grooming session at no extra charge. We feel this is an important part of a grooming procedure.

Seven Reasons Why Regular Grooming Promotes Good Health for Your Cat

  1. No matting. A regular bath eliminates the grease and grime that goes into your cat’s fur and causes mats.
  2. Less Expensive. Time equals money. It takes more time and more work to groom a kitty that comes in once a year versus every six weeks.
  3. Less shedding. A cat that gets groomed on a regular basis sheds a lot less. A good bath loosens up all the dead hair which gets in your house and on you.
  4. Less hair balls. The less dead hair your cat licks off will lessen the hairball problem considerably.
  5. Less dander. A good bath can lessen dander on a cat, which helps kitty and people with allergies.
  6. Less stress. A cat that gets groomed on a regular basis handles the grooming much better than a cat that comes in only when in trouble. This means a happier cat and less of a chance you will pay handling fees for the “hard to handle” cat.
  7. Early detection. Groomers are privy to finding health issues before they become urgent. This will mean a healthier, longer life for kitty. Keeping the skin clean is much healthier for everyone.
How Often Should My Cat Get Groomed?

The National Cat Groomers Institute of America and the Cat Fanciers Assocation recommend the following grooming schedule for cats:

  • Long-haired cats: every 4- 6 weeks
  • Medium-haired cats: every 6-8 weeks
  • Short-haired cats: every 8-12 weeks
What Will the Experience Be Like for My Cat?

The more frequently a cat gets groomed, the more they will be able to handle the grooming process. Grooming should not be a negative experience. Some cats do well with being groomed right away; others take a little time. A compliant or shy cat will have a greater tolerance level than an aggressive cat. Health factors will also affect your cat’s response to grooming. Cats that are ill or are not feeling well have reason to feel cranky and, therefore, will have lower tolerance levels. The grooming experience is mental conditioning and it may take several times for a cat to feel more comfortable with the process.

If your cat has been previously groomed by a dog groomer or at a vet’s office with dogs, they will likely carry their stress response into their next grooming experience. At City Kitty, we specialize in cats only and understand the psychology of cats. Our salon is a spa-like environment and is geared to the needs and sensitivities of felines. After they’ve been to City Kitty a time or two, most kitties become more relaxed knowing that the experience lacks the stress they may have experienced previously.

Not all cats are good candidates for grooming, and since we do not use anesthetics during grooming, we will not groom any cat that has a very high stress response. It’s not healthy for the cat, and our first priority is listening to the needs of each kitty.

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