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Understanding how a cat’s mind works is a fundamental key to training. Positive training and reinforcement is what is recommended. Let’s look at a scenario. You have worked hard all day, you come home and your cat has peed on your bed. You are infuriated. Who wouldn’t be? So you yell at your cat, all while feeling guilty, and you are so caught up in your own frustration it’s hard to think why? Why have you done this to ME kitty?

So here is your cat’s side of the story. I don’t feel well and my human can’t see it. I am stressed out due to the cats right outside my window marking their territory and my human could care less! I hate your new boyfriend and you are never here for me anymore. WHAT? Now you are yelling at me? I don’t know what I did wrong. Why are you so mean? I am scared of you and I don’t trust you anymore. You are a scary human. And you spayed me with a water bottle? Why? So here I am, defenseless, trying to let you know how I feel and you are mean to me. I scratched the couch to release pheromones through the pads of my feet to calm myself down and you went a little crazy on me! I could get Soft paws put on, then I could scratch and not damage the furniture and still calm myself down.

So here is a suggestion:

  1. Have your cat be checked out by your veterinarian
  2. Think about any “stress factors” in your house or right outside your house. Remember, cats can smell 40 times what a human can, and since territory is the foundation to cat behavior, nothing could be more stressful than another cat invading their territory. This includes new pets, a baby, a guest or a new person moving in. Change is stressful for cats. Period! So before you go crazy with frustration try and think about the living environment as a whole. What has changed? New litter? Change of diet? Many factors. Put yourself in your cat’s head and try to understand what the root of the problem is.

Now, what do we do? Remove the stress factor as best you can. Use what I call “Third party Methods.” No direct scolding. Here are some ideas. There is a motion censored aerosol spray called Sscat to be placed in an area where you do not want your cat to go. There is Thunder Spray for calming as well as Flower Essences, Epic Pet and Homeopathics. There is Comfort Zone from Felliway.

If there are cats right outside your house and you have an indoor cat there are deterrents to keep them away. Sometimes in life we have to make adjustments. If your cat is eliminating on your bathroom rug, don’t keep a rug down, or keep the bathroom door shut. There are so many alternatives to alter behavior, but try to the best of your ability to find out what the problem is. Sometimes contacting an animal communicator can find the answer. Look at the whole situation clearly. It is much more fun to live with a happy cat than one that is stressed out.


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